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Datavideo DVIP Control Protocol DVIP

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Datavideo DVIP Control Protocol DVIP
Datavideo DVIP Control Protocol DVIPНет в наличии
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+7 (700) 750-08-99


DVIP is a network control protocol developed by datavideo.

Our vision to develop DVIP is to join a future trend. In the future, all devices will be connected to each other through an Ethernet network to construct a networked device system. In this system, all devices can be controlled, received or sent data in both directions via Ethernet. 

Small console protocol through IP enables you to discover and control wide range devices in network through IP such as Video Camera, PTZ camera, Video Switcher, Streaming Encoder/Decoder, Chroma keyer, and more.

Control center of DVIP can be a physical control device such as RMC-300A or by UI on the PC, Mac, tablet or even by cell phone to control and monitor.

DVIP is compatible with Datavideo products, whether it is a switcher, camera, chroma keyer, streaming encoder, or universal remote control panel.

This allows Datavideo products to maximize their performance without being affected by any undesirable third-party products.

DVIP provides an easy way of system integration of Datavideo’s full range of devices with DVIP remote control interface.

Ideal for various applications such as Live Video Production Studio, Sporting Event, e-Sport, Lecture Capture, Worship, Social Media (Youtuber), Concert Hall, Medical, and many more.

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