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HD/SD 8/12-Channel Mobile Video Studio MS-2850

В наличииКод: MS-2850

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HD/SD 8/12-Channel Mobile Video Studio MS-2850
HD/SD 8/12-Channel Mobile Video Studio MS-2850 В наличии
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  • +7 (707) 270-67-76 +7 (707) 270-67-76
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  • +7 (707) 270-67-76 +7 (707) 270-67-76

The SE-2850 switcher supports up to 12 inputs in resolutions up to 1080p50/60 and has a total of 6 outputs in HDMI and SDI.

The switcher provides you the professional 10-bit processing quality of video.

The SE-2850's included audio-delay feature ensures that you'll be able to keep your audio and video perfectly in sync with one another. This means zero lip sync issues for your professional production.

Connect cameras, computers, and other devices with different video resolutions. Thanks to its built-in video scaler, the SE-2850 switcher will scale all the inputs for the proper working environment.

The SE-2850's inputs can be reassigned, giving you more flexibility while organizing the multi-view interface.

The TLM-170VR monitor supports 3G/HD/SD 1920x1080 panel resolution.  The monitor can cross convert SDI, HDMI video signals, makes it a great fit to all the video production workflow.

Various built-in functions are included. Support column (YRGB peak), time code, waveform, vector scope & audio level meter, peaking, zoom, pix to pix, underscan, check field.

Good communication is vital in any production studio; keeping communication between the director, camera crew, lighting engineer, and control room is essential to produce a polished end result.

The Datavideo ITC- 100 Intercom system provides 8-way talkback and tally indicators. The producer can talk to an individual channel or to all channels simultaneously.  The communication distance is up to 200 meters.

The HDR-70 is a rackmountable video recorder with removable hard drive enclosure.

Record with MPEG-2 4:2:2 NTFS file system in MOV or MXF formats on SSD drives up to 125Mbps.

Genlock, black burst and time code supported.

Пользовательские характеристики
100m SDI Repeater VP-633 / VP-634
17.3" Rack Mount LCD TLM-170LM x1 (MS-2850A/C/E/F), TLM-170VM x1 (MS-2850G/H)
4K Multicamera Processor KMU-100 (MS-2850E/F)
CB-22H/23H Repeater VP-781
HDMI Cable CB-60/61/62 (30m/50m/100m)
ITC/Tally Cable CB-3/4 (20m/50m)
SDI/CV/ITC/DC Cable ----
SDI/ITC Cable CB-46/47 (30/50m)
Аудио микшер AD-100M (MS-2850A/E/G), AD-200 (MS-2850C/F/H)
Векторная область SDI Built in TLM-170VM (MS-2850G/H)
Вес 65 kg
Видеорекордеры HDR-70 x1
Возврат видео (8-канальное резюме) RP-64 (MS-2850G/H)
Интеграция стоечной системы 8RU Flight Case
Интерком/Табличная система ITC-100 w/4 Belt pack
Комплектующие 1 x MS-2850 product, 4 x ITC-100SL (Bag), 4 x Tally LED TD-3, 4 x Headphone, 1 x Goose neck MIC, 1 x Goose neck LED light, 4 x XLR Cable + CON 20M, 4 x GPI Cable Stereo 1.2M, 1 x AC Power Cord, 1 x Y type USB cable, 5 x 120mm cable tie, 10 x 200mm cable tie, 1 x Y type 2 pin MOLEX cabl, 2 x 2.5" HDD enclosure, 10 x Screw M3*4mm, 10 x Anti-vibration screw + M5*10 washer, 2 x ISO screw 2*6mm, 2 x HD sticker, 4 x Blank sticker, 4 x Black Velcro 36cm,
Многокамерный блок управления ----
Номер модели MS-2850
Рабочий диапазон температуры 0~40 °C
Распределитель питания (8-контактный) PD-2A
Распределитель питания камеры ----
Регулятор мощности камеры ----
Резервная мощность (360 Вт) ----
Сервер потокового видео H.264 ----
Сетевой медиаплеер ----
Система управления камерой ----
Усилитель HD/SD SDI VP-445 (MS-2850G)
Цифровой видеомикшер SE-2850-8/12
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