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HDBaseT Robotic Pan Tilt Head PTR-10T MARK II

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  • Код: PTR-10T MARK II

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HDBaseT Robotic Pan Tilt Head PTR-10T MARK II
HDBaseT Robotic Pan Tilt Head PTR-10T MARK IIВ наличии
Цену уточняйте
+7 (707) 270-67-76


PTR-10T MARK II makes the change from regular camcorder cameras to remote controlled PTZ very cost effective. Multi-camera remote operations can be handled by a single person. 

The PTR-10T MARK II implements LanC control that is compatible with a wide range of professional video camcorders, allowing you to select the best camcorders for your needs.

With a weight of 3.4 kg, PTR-10T MARK II is built from aluminum alloy, making it a very sturdy base for your camera. It can support cameras up to 4 kilograms.

Compatible with Serial, Ethernet, and Lanc. Datavideo RMC-180 series, RMC-300A, and HS-1600T series will fit your need.

Super strong design. PTR-10T MARK II is built from aluminum alloy, making it a very sturdy base for your camera. 

When your video production requires many different angles and positions, 50 preset camera positions will meet your needs.

Using the IR remote allows you to call up to 50 presets at any time.

When combined with the RMC-300A universal remote controller, the 14 physical buttons can be called at any time.

When using the RMC-180 MARK II remote control, there are 4 physical buttons to call. 

You do not need any battery mount on your camera when using PTR-10T MARK II. The PoE++ is building in the PTR-10T MARK II; No extra battery or power needed when operating.

With the big tally light in the front to show the status of your camera.

The D-tap connector is widely used in the broadcast industry as a standard for powering accessories from battery or mains power.

This will make it easier for you to find a ready-made power cable for your specific camera. Included is a D-tap to DC 5.5mm with lock for Datavideo cameras.

Voltage output for different cameras

(7.4 / 8.4 / 10 / 12V )

PTR-10T MARK II supports a lot of signal interface for passing through the remote head. Amongst these interfaces are SDI, HDMI, RS-232, RS-422, HDBaseT, Tally, and LANC.

ZEK-1 is the solution to your free running Zoom cameras.

PTR-10T MARK II can read its own Pan/Tilt movement and send back to controller for position memory and recall. Now, with ZEK-1, it can detect and read out the Zoom changes. And convert those information into Zoom position to send back for controller to memory and recall the saved zoom position.

Compatible with cameras via zoom moving ring.

ZEK-2 Zoom Encoder Kit is a mechanical device that allows you to mount the Tilta Nucleus-M motor which adds automatic zoom positioning to the Panasonic Lumix BGH-1 camcorder mounted on the PTR-10/10T MARK II Robotic Pan Tilt Head.

The chart above shows the product's direct compatibility with other HDBaseT products.

Datavideo Academy is a comprehensive learning platform established by Datavideo Technology. As a professional Broadcast and AV equipment manufacturer, Datavideo Technology is not only committed to providing quality products to users, but also has the responsibility to help users learn to operate Datavideo products.

Through the Datavideo Academy platform, users can easily master the operation of Datavideo products and experience the unique design of Datavideo products, further creating a variety of applications and bringing a good user experience. Now, a tutorial video for the PTR-10T MARK II is available at Datavideo Academy to help you get the best performance out of the product. Please click on the following link.

Find a camera that is compatible with the PTR-10T MARK II.

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Control Distance1,200M by RS422, 100M by HDBaseT
Control InputRS-422, HDBaseT
Вес 3.4 kg
Видео-интерфейсHDMI x 1, SDI x 1, RJ45 x 1 (HDBaseT)
Видеовыход2160p 29.97/25, 1080p 59.94/50, 1080i 59.94/50, 720p 59.94/50
Диапазон панорамирования / НаклонаPan: 340°, Tilt: ±45°
Диапазон рабочей влажности10~80%
Дополнительные аксессуарыZEK-2 KIT, WM-10, WM-11, CM-10
Допустимая влажность5~80%
КомплектующиеPTR-10T Mark II Main Unit x 1, DC 12V power adaptor x 1, AC cord x 1, IR remote control x 1, DC with lock to D-Tap cable x 1, HDMI cable x 1, SDI cable x 1, Remote cable (2.5mm phone-jack to mini-din 8pin) x 1, 1/4” screw (14mm) x 2, 1/4” screw (10mm) x 1, 1/4” to 3/8” screw adaptor x 1
Контроль выходаRS-232, RS-422, BX-Lens, LanC
Максимальная нагрузка4 KG Max
Номер моделиPTR-10T MARK II
ПредустановкаPan/Tilt position 50
Протокол управленияSony VISCA, DVIP
Рабочий диапазон температуры0~40 C°
Размер (ДхШхВ)230 x 190 x 300 mm
Скорость панорамирования / НаклонаPan: 0.12~15° /Sec, Tilt: 0.06~10° /Sec
Температура хранения. Range-10~60C°
Требуемая мощностьDC 12V~ 18V, 3A (Without Camera), DC 12V~ 18V, 5A (With Camera)
Устройство управленияRMC-180, HS-1600T, HS-1600T Mark II, RMC-300A, VISCA Protocol Controller, IP Control, IR remote
ЭлектропитаниеDC 12/10/8.4/7.4V, 24W Max

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