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3D Tracking VR/AR 4K Virtual Studio System TVS-3000

В наличииКод: TVS-3000

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3D Tracking VR/AR 4K Virtual Studio System TVS-3000
3D Tracking VR/AR 4K Virtual Studio System TVS-3000 В наличии
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  • +7 (707) 270-67-76 +7 (707) 270-67-76
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  • +7 (707) 270-67-76 +7 (707) 270-67-76

Most virtual studio solutions require expensive designated tracking devices or cranes with built in encoders.

These devices are very expensive and require trained and skilled personnel. TVS-3000 uses cost effective trackers from HTC which are also being used in VR setups. These tracking devices can be mounted on your regular crane and deliver perfect results while not breaking the bank! 

Supports up to 8 channels of full HD or 2 channels of 4K mixed resolution input signals, unlimited streaming media input signals with multiple video formats, and input signals from DirectShow protocol device to achieve multi-channel video switching.

customize your virtualset with different styles of objects and materials.

Replace the traditional tracking crane with low-cost and easy-to-operate advanced 3D tracking crane. The path, panning speed, and shooting time of the camera movement can be adjusted in real-time. The user can set up to 42 virtual shots with different 3D positions and angles in the same scene.


Supports NDI streaming protocol, no need to set an IP address in intranet transmission, you can simply search for NDI signal sources on your local network and provide two-way transmission. Applied to the TVS- 3000, the function can be used to transmit different contents such as the browser interface, PPT, image, video as the input source in the virtual set or graphic layout, or can be used to send the live broadcast signal of the program to view from the local network.

TVS-3000 supports built-in graphic layout that combines input signals, video, images, text, and other contents as a complete editing file. You can choose from any image or video as a background, and add on multiple text content from free subtitle templates.

RMC-285 control panel included for live virtual show and cameras control.
Come with 10 function keys (F1-F10), can help to set quick animation, change scene
or media content. Making production easier. 

When using the HTC Tracker for tracking, it is recommended to use a small to medium camera crane for better camera shooting angle variability.
With the crane, it can achieve a larger movement than the handheld camera, and its more stable and easier to control. 

Powers the presence and immersion of virtual reality by helping the HTC tracker track their exact locations. Features wireless syncing.

Features multiple sensors, HTC tracker offers 360-degree tracking and real-time camera movement feedback to TVS-3000 which bring out the realistic virtual studio system.
In the virtual studio environment, the 3D virtual object can also be bound to any tracker, so that the user can interact with the tracker to achieve the interaction with the AR object.

Datavideo Academy is a comprehensive learning platform established by Datavideo Technology. As a professional Broadcast and AV equipment manufacturer, Datavideo Technology is not only committed to providing quality products to users, but also has the responsibility to help users learn to operate Datavideo products. 

Through the Datavideo Academy platform, users can easily master the operation of Datavideo products and experience the unique design of Datavideo products, further creating a variety of applications and bringing a good user experience. Now, a tutorial video for the TVS-3000 is available at Datavideo Academy to help you get the best performance out of the product. Please click on the following link.

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Основные атрибуты
Производитель HTC
Пользовательские характеристики
Hard Disk Capacity 4TB HDD + 500G SSD
Keyer Chromakey upto 8CH
Live Streaming Protocols TS over UDP , TS over TCP , RTMP , RTMPS , RTSP
Recording Lossless 4:2:2 (.avi), H.265 (.mov), H.264 (.mp4;.wmv), MPEG-2 (.ts;.mxf)
Аудиовход Mini Phone Jack x 1 , SDI audio embedded
Вес 13.6 kg
Видеовход 4K mode:, 6G-SDI x 2 or 12G-SDI x 1, HD mode:, 3G-SDI x 3
Видеовыход 4K mode:, HDMI 2.0 x 1, HD mode:, 3G-SDI x 1 + HDMI x 1
Виртуальная студия 10 & Unlimited download from datavideovirtualset.com
Комплектующие 1 x TVS-3000A Main Unit, 1 x Power AC Cord, 1 x USB Mouse, 1 x RMC-285 Unit(Include D-Sub 9 PIN Cable + DC 12V power adaptor), 1 x 802.11AC Antenna / or USB dongle, 1 x LBK-2,
Медиа 3(DDR)
Мощность AC 100-240V 750W
Неподвижное изображение 1
Неподвижный текст 2
Номер модели TVS-3000
Операционный монитор DP x2
Отслеживание/Безрельсовый Отслеживание; Безрельсовый
Рабочий диапазон температуры 0~40 °C
Размер (ДхШхВ) 480 x 470 x 178mm
Счет Скоро...
Формат входа/выхода видео SDI Input/Output:, 2160p 60/50/30/25 (Input only), 1080p 30/25, 1080i 60/50, 720p 60/50/30/25, HDMI Output:, 2160p 60/50/30/25, 1080p 60/50/30/25, 720p 60/50/30/25
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